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Navratan Om Pendant

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Navratan Om Pendant


Navratan Om Pendant

Pendant has om shape in it and above that there are 9 gems stones
Golden polished with Golden chain

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Navratan Om Pendant 

Pendant has om shape in it and above that there are 9 gems stones
Golden polished with Golden chain

Navratan Om Pendant

  1. Ruby (maanikyam) for Surya (taraneh)(Sun),
  2. Pearl (muktaaphalam) for Chandra (Moon),
  3. Red Coral (vidrumam) for Mangala (maaheya) (Mars),
  4. Emerald (marathakam) for Budha (saumya) (Mercury),
  5. Yellow sapphire (pushparajam) for Bṛhaspati (devejya) (Jupiter),
  6. Diamond (vajram) for Shukra (asurachaarya) (Venus),
  7. Blue sapphire (niilam) for Shani (Saturn),
  8. Hessonite (gomeda) or Rahu (the ascending lunar node)
  9. Cat’s Eye (vaidooryam) for Ketu (the descending lunar node),
    …these gems must be high-born and flawless.[5]   

Setting arrangement[edit] Navratan Om Pendant

Nine navaratna gems in a Nava-graha pendant-yantra.

The traditional setting and arrangement of these nine gems is shown in the illustration.

A ruby (representing the Sun) is always in the center, surrounded (clockwise from the top) by a diamond, a natural pearl, red coral, hessonite, a blue sapphire, cat’s eye, a yellow sapphire, and an emerald. This is the same placement as the Nava-graha Yantra.

Traditionally, no gem other than a ruby or a red spinel is set in the center of a nine gems arrangement.

To do so is believed to go against the flow of nature. Because the Sun is the center of the solar system,

its gem is positioned in the heart of a Navaratna Talisman.[6]

For an example of the navaratna in a necklace setting, see Thailand’s “The Queen Sirikit Navaratna.”[7]

Navaratna gem purity[edit] Navratan Om Pendant

In the above sloka the words sujatyam-amalam (sujati=high born, and amala=completely pure or flawless) are significant. According to Asian belief systems, only clean, top-quality gems are considered to be auspicious.

In further support of this mostly overlooked dictate, in the Hindu “Garuda Puranam,” chapter 68, verse 17, it is stated by narrator Sri Suta Goswami:

” Pure, flawless gems have auspicious powers which can protect one from demons, snakes, poisons, diseases, sinful reactions, and other dangers, while flawed stones have the opposite effect.”

And from the ancient ” Agni Purana,” chapter 246, slokas 7 and 8:

A gem free from all impurities and radiating its characteristic internal luster should be looked upon as an escort of good luck; a gem which is cracked, fissured, devoid of luster, or appearing rough or sandy, should not be used at all.”[8]

Navratan Om Pendant

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