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Navaratan Zircon Flower Ring

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  1. Navaratan Zircon Flower Ring is well crafted design and have magical power to strength your body and mind.
  2. size of the stone is 4*5 (Synthetic stone)
  3. Rhodhium Polished
  4. Casting Made
  5. Onyx Cutting
  6. Hand Setting
  7. You beget the good results of the all nine planets.
  8. There is no need to wear any other gem stone ever after wearing this ring.
  9. A person having any retrograde or debilitated planet should wear this ring surely.
  10. Wearing this ring brings peace and prosperity in the life of the native.


  1. Ruby (maanikyam) for Surya (taraneh) (Sun),
  2. Pearl (muktaaphalam) for Chandra (Moon),
  3. Red Coral (vidrumam) for Mangala (maaheya) (Mars),
  4. Emerald (marakatam) for Budha (saumya) (Mercury),
  5. Yellow sapphire (pushparajam) for Bṛhaspati (devejya) (Jupiter),
  6. Diamond (vajram) for Shukra (asurachaarya) (Venus),
  7. Blue sapphire (niilam) for Shani (Saturn),
  8. Hessonite (gomeda) or Rahu (the ascending lunar node)
  9. Cat’s Eye (vaidooryam) for Ketu (the descending lunar node),
    …these gems must be high-born and flawless.


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