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Chain Bracelet

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Chain Bracelet


Silver Coloured Bracelet made of chain with shining colourless stones in it and hook in the end

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Chain Bracelet

A beautiful and delicate silver color chain bracelet.

The whole bracelet is made of chains. There are 5 AD colorless stones set in the middle of the bracelet. One of this most attractive features is it’s simplicity. Similarly, the stones in the bracelet are clearly cut and very simple in their look. They are round in shape and are carefully set at a distance from each other. The stones have silver around them which covers it from all sides. These stones are set in the middle of the double chain which also binds the stone to the bracelet. The chain and the stone form a shape of a semi-circle with the chain surrounding the circle. This beautiful shape gives an allusion of an eye. The chain is attached to the stone very strongly and is not easily breakable. Moreover, at the end of the chains are loops which ties it together.

On one side is a hook and on the other side are loops. Another benefit is, these loops make it easy to fit the wrist according to the comfortable of the buyer. This bracelet is very price friendly and of very good quality. he big stones are eye-catching and attract the attention of the public. However, this bracelet can be worn daily or can also be dressed up. This simplicity of the silver makes a wardrobe staple. The bracelet is very comfortable and lightweight to wear. In conclusion, the design of this goes with everything you have and one can simply not go wrong with it.


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